Islam: The Other Faith in Our Neighborhood

Welcome to my class at TCU!

The header picture is a tribute to three wonderful Muslim Americans who were killed by an American religion hater. The hate crime took the lives, aspirations, dreams, and works of three students in North Carolina on February 10, 2015. Diah Barakat, his bride Yusor Al-Salheh and her sister Razan Al-Salheh were shot, execution style, by their neighbor, who had been threatening them verbally and physically for a while and has been saying to them anti-Muslim rhetoric. May our three young citizens rest in peace.

Our course at TCU meets on Saturday mornings, please refer to your course syllabus for times and time changes.

Your instructor is Dina Malki, MA.

Dina 2


Dina Malki has a Masters degree in Islamic Studies and Christian Muslim Relations from Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. As a long time resident of North Texas, she has presented Islam in public at schools, colleges, churches, synagogues and other places for more than a decade. She teaches at TCU’s Extended Education department, writes for several publications, and research in Islamic scholarship. She is highly active in interfaith dialog.